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1- April 12 - Alternate Realities - Museum of Industry
1- March 8 - Baltimore Shops
1 - Baltimore Boat Show - Conv Center
1 - Shen Yun - Lyric
1 - Annie - Hippodrome
3 - John C Reilly - Rams Head Annapolis
1-28 - Black History Month at the B & O Museum
4-8 - Disney on Ice -  Royal Farms Arena
5 - Minnie Driver - Rams Head Annapolis
6-7 - Rachmaninoff - Meyerhoff
6 - April 19 - The Addams family - Toby's Dinner Theatre 
7-8 - Swan Lake - Hippodrome
1-8 - Other Desert Cities - Fells Pt Corner Theatre
1-8 - One Night in Miami - Center Stage
8 - Craig Ferguson - Meyerhoff
8 - Top Singles Party - Pazo
13 - Robert Irvine - Hippodrome
14 - Sex at the Zoo - Md Zoo
14 - Valentine Date Night - Aquarium 
14-15 - The Bach Family - Meyerhoff
20-21 - Harry Connick Jr - Strathmore Music Center
20-22 - American Craft Council -Conv Center
20-22 - Patti Austin Sings Ella & The Duke - Meyerhoff 
21 - Cell-A-Brate - Balto Hebrew
27 - Barry Manilow - Verizon Center
27-March 1 - Monster Jam - Royal Farms Arena




      Fall Movies
     It must be said, and has been said by people other than me, the summer was not a good season for movies.  Box office receipts were down from last summer.  Hollywood is hoping for an autumn rebound.  Early signs have been good.
     Let's begin with the Bill Murray comedy, and some moments not so funny, St. Vincent.  Believe me, on the surface he looks and acts nothing like a saint. But the new to the block kid next door thinks he is.  He has just moved in with his mom, played by Melisa McCarthy, in a subtle role. Murray gets to be a paid baby sitter and proceeds to take him to a bar and race track.   
     They develop an unlikely friendship.  Who wouldn't like someone who takes them to bars and to the track.  Well for one thing, his mom isn't crazy about it. The film works because of Murray.  I recommend it.
     Something far removed from a comedy is John Wick, with Keanu Reeves as the antihero, man of a few words, retired hit man.  He comes out of retirement when three thugs invade his house and kill his dog, a dog given to him by his deceased wife.  
     To be sure there is plenty of action, bullets, dead bodies and car stunts. It is not a subtle film.  Honestly, though some scenes bordered on the absurd, I did enjoy it.  I will say I do think this is a flick for guys.  Rated R.
     Now we're going to war with Brad Pitt in Fury.  Set in Germany during World War 2, Pitt is the commander of a five man crew in a tank called Fury.  They are sent on numerous missions.  So you can expect lots of gore.  I do think Pitt is a better actor than he gets credit for.  The budget was $80 million.  Rated R.
    Next up is a film where we might have Oscar bids when the time comes.  The film is The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall.  Set in rural Indiana, Downey is a high priced Chicago lawyer who returns home when his mother dies.  His dad, the judge, was been accused of a serious crime so he decides to represent him.  It should be noted father and son haven't spoken in years.
    The film is heavy on dialogue, which isn't a bad thing.  It is a bit long, but it's good enough that you wont notice.  Rated R.
     Finally we have Gone Girl, with Ben Affleck with his best performance in years.  This is a tense thriller about a husband accused of murdering his wife.  Along the way there are numerous twists and turns to keep your attention.  I liked this one and it is doing well.  Also in the cast are Tyler Perry and Billy Bob Thornton, in his best performance in years.  Rated R.    




 Two Excellent Dining Choices in South Florida

                                                                                                                                                                    by Eddie Applefeld
     I didn't of course go to Florida simply to check out the restaurants.  This time of year I go for the warmth, sunshine, beach and palm trees.  If I should be introduced to an
outstanding dining experience, all the better.  And what do you know, I was.  When you read further you'll learn about two restaurants, one in Hollywood the other in Ft.
Lauderdale.  Let's begin with the first one I tried, Frankey's Sports Bar, 900 Silks Run in the Village of Gulfstream Park Hollywood. This village which contains a thoroughbred track, casino and a village
has definite ties to Maryland.  It is owned by Frank Stronach current owner of Laurel park and Pimlico.  Frankey's just opened last December and it has caught on rather quickly with locals and visitors.  It couldn't be in a better location.  It is right across
from the main entrance to the casino.  So after a good or bad day at the track or at the slots, Frankey's is just a short walk away.  Of course you don't ever have to step foot
at the track since you can place bets in the restaurant.  How convenient right? 
     The name suggests a sports bar, but this isn't your typical burger, nachos and fries sports bar.  Yes there are 38 high definition TV's but upon closer inspection, like checking
out the furniture, you'll know what I mean.  Also the general quality of the food is much better.  Menu items for example include N.Y. strip, Portobello ravioli, Caesar salad,
sautéed shrimp, Alaskan king crab, pizza chicken gourmet and sirloin.  My sampling included the Caesar salad, spaghettini Bolognese and grilled chicken wings.  It was
suggested I try the flourless chocolate cake for dessert, which I did, and which I loved.
    A mention about the adena burgers.  They are available as an appetizer or entrée.  It was also suggested I give that a try.  Right now I'll tell you I don't eat much meat
but this burger was terrific, moist, tender and at four ounces plenty for me.  Okay can you keep a secret?  If it is your first time here tell them and they'll bring you one to taste.
Of course who's to know whether it's your first time or not.  Remember, not a word.  The steaks and chicken are from their own farm in Ocala.  Traditional farming methods 
are used.  No stress for the animals.  The animals are born at the farm and spend their entire lives there.  Dairy free and gluten items are available. 
      Frankey's is open seven days, seating for about 360 (it is a big place), 12,000 square feet, entertainment a few nights a week and a 'social hour' from 3 to 7 and 11 pm to close.
There are also 40 handpicked beers including select local craft beers.  And a nice choice of wines, champagne and handcrafted cocktails.  In short, I had a great time here.
Go to or call 954-464-2333.
     Let's go a little further north and drop by Valentino Cucina Italiana, 620 S. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale.  Right away Manager Christian Licciardo told me it was one of the best restaurants 
in the entire area.  What else would he say I thought.  After tasting the food, he might indeed be right.  Okay here comes a brazen statement and you can choose to believe it or not.
I had the best calamari ever.  Yes I said ever.  It came on an artichoke of some kind.  It didn't matter.  Most of the time calamari is chewy.  This was moist, tender and excellent.  Maybe I
can get them to send some up.
     This is a family business, run by chef Giovanni, Christian is his nephew  I think a family run restaurant is a very good thing.  Usually that means paying great attention to all
details.  Not just what happens in the kitchen.  Speaking of the kitchen, there are six seats known as Chefs Bar, very popular and provides a front row seat into the kitchen.
You can even talk with the cooks, that is actually encouraged.  You really have to reserve them well in advance. 
    The restaurant is closed Sunday, seating for about 90, over 300 choices of wine, it's casual, reservations are a good idea, they use no red sauce, dinner only and it was named after
famed silent screen star Rudolph Valentino.   The night of my visit the place was bustling with regular diners and a private party.  At one point I counted 10 people in the kitchen, which
isn't a big area.
     This by the way is more than Italian.  You can order almost anything, fish, seafood, meat or chicken.  Actually two of their more popular items are the roasted duck and veal chop.
As if this one restaurant wasn't enough, come summer they're opening an adjacent restaurant which as I recall will be called 1 Door East.  That's because it's located, well you know.
The also offer special wine dinners and cooking classes.  Eating good food at a good restaurant certainly enhances any vacation. (954-523-5767)                

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