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Jan 01, 2013 -- 12:00am





1-7 – Phantom of the Opera – Hippodrome

1-7 – Our Town – Vagabond Theatre

1-14 – As You Like It – Center Stage at Towson University

1-14 – The 39 Steps – Fells Point Theatre

1-March 20 – South Pacific – Toby’s Dinner Theatre

                                                                                                                                 1-21 – Under the Skin – Everyman Theatre                                                                                                                                             

3-7 – Disney on Ice – Royal Farms Arena

4-7 – Auto Show – Convention Center

5-6 – Andre Watts – Meyerhoff

6 – Mardi Gras Festival – Power Plant Live

6 – Puppet Making Workshop – Visionary Arts Museum

6 – Domino Day – Science Center

6 – Chinese New Year – Port Discovery

9 – Babe’s Birthday Bash – Pickles Pub

9-10 – Shen Yun - Hippodrome

10 – National Aquarium Celebrates Black History Month

11 – Balto Magazine’s Single Party – Museum of Art

11 – 100th Anniversary Concert – Meyerhoff

11-12 – Romeo  & Juliet – Hippodrome

12 – Jeff Dunham – Royal Farms Arena

12-21 – Fabulation – Arena Players

13 – Sex at the Zoo – Md Zoo

15 – Love Songs of the Presidents – Creative Alliance

17 – Beach Boys – Lyric

19 – Balto Blast – Royal Farms

19-21 – An Evening with Sutton Foster - Meyerhoff

19-21 – American Craft Show – Convention Center

20-28 – Maple Sugaring – Oregon Ridge Nature Center

26 -  Chris Young – Lyric

26-28 – Monster Jam – Royal Farms

27 – Black History Month Open House – Reginald L. Lewis Museum






If you're looking for a destination for an overnight stay I'll present to you the Fairmont Hotel, 24th & M St, NW Washington.  The area is known as the West End and the hotel is just three blocks from Georgetown.  There are 415 guest rooms which are currently undergoing a renovation.  But the hotel is open and you wont even know there's a restoration going on. Amenities include a pool, fitness center, business center, concierge, 24 hour room service, valet parking and a New York Times delivered to your door.  And the hotel is pet friendly.  The restaurant, Juniper, serves all three meals.  
Eddie's Restaurant Pick

     Located at 425 7th Street N.W. Washington, you'll find Carmine's. This is what you'd definitely call a family style restaurant.  Translation, the portions are huge.  How huge?  A table of four could do with two entrees. All entrees are meant to be shared.  My favorite dish is the linguini with red clam sauce ($29.50).  The biggest seller there is the penne alla vodka.

     The restaurant seats 750, happy hour 3 to 7 Sunday-Friday, valet parking everyday from 5 to 11 (there is a charge) and yes smaller portions are available at the bar anytime.

     As a city landmark, the restaurant is about two blocks from the Verizon Center.  You can reach them at 202-737-7770 or

    By the way, ordering the tiramisu is a must ($20.50) and reservations are strongly recommended. 





Let's take a quick look at some recent movies.  First up, Concussion, a film based on the true story of a Dr.Omalu from Nigeria who discovered that constant head trauma indeed leads to concussion in football players.  Obviously the NFL is not thrilled by this news.  The doctor is played by Will Smith.  Rated PG-13.
     The money maker Star Wars the Force Awakens is drawing people into the cineplexs more than one time to see it.  I freely admit I am not a Star Wars groupie so to me I am baffled by all the hoopla.  But there it is regardless, a major hit.  In this episode a new threat arises in the galaxy.  And guess who tries to stop it.  Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas for 4 billion.  
Here are 2 R rated films to consider.  Sisters, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, decide to throw one last party in their old home their parents just sold.  The event gets out of control.  The leads have good screen chemistry but a PG-13 rating might have been better.  The R is due mainly to language.  The other film is Youth with Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel.  They are on vacation at a luxury resort in the Alps.  The film follows events in their lives while at the resort.  Good for older audiences.
The film In the Heart of the Sea tells the story of an 1820 event in the south Pacific on a whaling ship.  It is based on the Moby Dick novel. Was it true a giant whale terrorized the ship?  The story is told thru the narration of a survivor of the alleged attack.  
Finally there's Trumbo with Bryan Cranston playing writer Dalton Trumbo during the Hollywood witch hunt for communists in Hollywood during the late 40's into the 70's.  He is excellent in the role along with the supporting cast of Helen Mirren, John Goodman and Diane Lane. Rated R.  



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